Camera Remote Toolbox for Sony Cameras

Camera remote toolbox is a simple application that uses the Camera Remote API by Sony to communicate with and control Sony cameras.

Not all cameras are supported. For a list of supported cameras, see:


When you open the main window for the first time, you'll see a screen like this:

Main Page Screenshot

First you need to connect to the camera. Press the Connect button in the bottom right to bring up the connection screen.

There are two ways to connect:

When you press the connect button, the application will turn on the camera if your PC or phone has one, and start scanning for QR codes. Turn on your camera and start up the WiFi. Check your camera manual on how to do this. Some cameras (for example the RX-10) require you to start the embedded remote camera app. Make sure to update your camera to the latest firmware, or update the embedded camera remote app on your camera to the latest version. Check with your camera manual on how to do this. The WiFi settings are usually under the networking menu and may be labeled control from Smartphone like this:

Camera WiFi Menu

If your camera has a display that shows a QR code for connecting, aim your PC/Phone towards the camera so it can read the QR code. The QR connection page looks like this:

Connect Page Screenshot

If your camera doesn't display a QR code, or the QR code can't scan correctly, press the manual connect button to bring up the manual connection page. You will need to enter the camera network SSID and password manually. Check your camera manual on how to find the SSID and password which is unique to your camera. On most Sony cameras, the SSID can be found by connecting the camera via USB. After connecting the camera to the PC via USB, In Windows Explorer navigate to - [This PC] -> [PMHOME] -> [INFO]. Open the file WiFi_Info.txt. This should contain the SSID and password for your camera

The manual connection page may list any visible WiFi SSIDs to assist you in finding your camera SSID and making sure it's on correctly, but note that you must enter a password

Manual Connect Page Screenshot

The manual connection page will also list any previously remembered SSIDs. You can select and delete them if you no longer want the app to attempt to connect to that camera

Once you have entered the information, hit OK and the app will start scanning for your camera. Your device must have a WiFi adapter and it must be turned on for it to be able to connect to the camera

Main View

If it finds a camera, the app will automatically start the camera services and display a live view from the camera if this is supported. If it finds the camera but can't fully connect, hit the connect buton and then the retry button to try again.

The working view page looks like this:

View Page Screenshot

Successful connections are remembered by the app and stored in local settings. On future app launches it will scan for and try to connect to available camera networks it previously found. You can see the previous connections and forget them in the manual connection page.

Home Page Screenshot

From the main view page, the shutter button will take pictures or start movie recording depending on what mode is active. To see the active mode and change camera settings, hit the settings button.


The Settings page looks like this:

Settings Mobile Page Screenshot

The available settings depend on the camera model, the current camera shooting mode, and the version of the firmware. Some cameras require you to manually change some settings using hardware buttons. For example, the RX-10 requires you to manually change to movie or still mode using a physical switch on the camera. The app should detect a mode switch from the camera and adjust accordingly.

Settings Page Screenshot

File Transfer Page

Some camera models support a file transfer function. If the camera supports it, the File Transfer button will appear in the lower left of the main view page like this:

Home Page 2 Screenshot

When pressed, it will bring up the file transfer dialog. This may take some time if your camera has many pictures stored on the memory card. When the picture file data is loaded, it will look like this:

File Copy page Screenshot

The storage cards in the camera will be shown in the dropdown at the top and you can switch to different storage cards. The picture and movie files are shown in the main list below. If you want to copy all the pictures from your camera to the PC, simply click the copy button in the upper left.

If you wish to only copy some files, press the Pick Files button. Check boxes will appear next to each picture file and you can check the files you wish to copy. Click the same button again to go back to copying all files

File Copy page 2 Screenshot

Once copying starts, a progress bar will be displayed and you can cancel by pressing anywhere on the screen

File Copy page 3 Screenshot

When the copy is complete, each file will turn green to indicate the file has been successfully copied and verified. The pictures are copied to the default Pictures folder on the PC or phone.

File Copy page 4 Screenshot

If you wish to delete the pictures from the camera storage card after copying and verifying the copy, check the box in the lower right.

When done, press the camera button in the bottom left or use the phone back button to return to the camera view.

Picture review Page

When using the default settings, after any picture is taken a small preview will be copied to the phone or PC. Preview pictures are stored in the default camera roll folder on the phone or PC. This option can be turned off in the settings page. Previews are also not copied when using interval mode.

To review the pictures you have taken, press the picture review button in the lower left of the main view screen:

Home Page 3 Screenshot

When pressed, it will bring up the picture review page, looking like this:

Picture preview page Screenshot

In the picture review page, you can swipe left or right to move to each picture. You can also zoom and pan to get a better view of the picture, although the picture is a smaller version of the full image by default. This can be changed to copy the full image in the settings page, although this will take more time to complete after each picture is taken.

You can delete the local copy of hte picture using the delete button in the lower right after confirmation. Note this only deletes the copy of the picture on the PC/Phone, not the image on teh camera. To delete the image on the camera you need to use the file copy function if your camera supports it.

When done, press the camera button in the bottom left to return to the camera view.

Privacy Policy

This application does not collect, store, or transmit any information about the user. It uses the camera only to recognize the QR code and connect to the camera. The app does anonymously log which buttons get pressed during a session to determine which app featurs are used